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Channin Ciancio

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Description of Offerings / Artist Statement

Aloha! I upcycle 2 repurpose and recreate beauty 2 honor the environment & all that inhabit it by depicting fauna & flora by depicting them on these items. I specialize in small portable paintings that can be put on an easel on a desk or hung in small spaces (3×5″, 4×6″) and gift tag/zipper pulls that depict animals, humor and well-wishing reminders! I also paint canvas, typically 8×10 & 11×14.

My soft spot is 4 animals (wildlife & pets) and the scenery that supports them and us all (water, woods, plants that support us all)! I have been commissioned pet portraits locally and throughout the world. I will also donate my work 4 great causes.

I choose not 2 have a particular social media presence however I can b found via the Cecil County Arts Council or via email direct.


  • Physical Art / Installation
  • Physical Product
  • Workshop / Class
Artistic Disciplines / Areas of Concentration: