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Colleen Tiefenthal

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Paint, fiber, mixed media, upcycled items – I create using these and other materials. My art is made to bring a smile, happy thought, or fulfill a purpose. Each piece evolves from the materials at hand and the thoughts or experiences of the moment. I use not only paper and canvas as the foundation for a work of art but a unique piece of driftwood or a shipping box can be reimagined or altered and have a second life as art instead of being discarded. Creating art that serves a function adds another level of creativity into some of my pieces. I enjoy making art for others and working with clients who have a vision that I can bring to life.

Artist by trade and passion. I have created art all my life. I went to college and earned my degree in Illustration and Advertising. I am fortunate in that what I do for my work is something I find deeply enjoyable.  While I am relatively new to Maryland, having lived in Ohio for nearly 4 decades, I am enjoying embracing my new home and finding great inspiration in the nature and water that surrounds us.

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  • Physical Art / Installation
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