Elkton Artist Registry

Elizabeth Baehr

Website: http://Www.alaliz.com
Photo of Elizabeth Baehr

Description of Offerings / Artist Statement

Liz is a multi media fiber artist creating in her fabric and yarn filled studio in Charlestown, MD. She’s a knitter, stitcher, dyer, embroiderer, sewist and more. With a goal of creating items that are both practical and pleasing to the eye, she makes accessories for living life colorfully. From masks to keep you safe, bags to hold your stuff to pieces that just make you happy, she mixes modern prints with a vintage aesthetic and playful yet sophisticated colors. She loves playing with color and pattern to make fun and unexpected combinations and keeping it all lighthearted and playful. 


  • Physical Art / Installation
  • Physical Product
  • Workshop / Class
Artistic Disciplines / Areas of Concentration: