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Kennard Wiggins

Website: http://kennardwiggins.com
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Ken majored in art at the University of Delaware. He worked professionally for about fifteen years as an art director/creative director in various advertising agencies in Wilmington and Baltimore before taking a different career direction as a military officer.  Although he stopped working professionally as an artist in the mid 1980s, Ken continued to practice as an artist as a pastime.  Ken has dozens of sketchbooks completed over the years in graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolor, oils and acrylic. His recent work has been focused on sea and sky. Those subjects offer thousands of possibilities and offer the freedom to simply push color around on canvas and see what happens. Ken does this because it is fun! He loves the happy accident (which compensates for his imperfect technical skills).

Kennard Wiggins holds an M.S. Degree from National Defense University, and a B.A. from the University of Delaware.  Wiggins is a retired military officer.

He is the author of illustrated histories of the Delaware Air National Guard (2008) and Army National Guard (2010), Dover Air Force Base (2011), Delaware Aviation (2014), Delaware in World War I (2015), America’s Anchor, (2019), , and The Air National Guard, an Early History 1946-1965 (2024) and was a contributing author to Histories of Newark, 1758-2008 (2008). His most recent book is Delaware Patriot Heroes (2024). He is a frequent lecturer on local military history.




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