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Margie Blystone

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An eye for color and design led Margie into jobs Decorating Homes and Offices, Designing Invitations & Announcements and Teaching Scrapbooking Workshops throughout the Delaware Valley, most notably at the Winterthur Museum.  All of which have contributed greatly to her growth as an artist.

Margie’s work creating ‘Zen-Feathers’, stems from her love of fine point pen & ink work.  Through her study of the art form known as Zentangles®, Margie developed a unique style incorporating the beauty and natural form of feathers, along with the geometric patterns prevalent in Zentangles®.  As a means of taking ‘Zen-Feathers’ to another level, Margie began incorporating her artwork to both clear and colored glass items, adding a further dimension of light and depth to her work.

Margie Blystone currently works with the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) serving as Chairman of Elkton’s Arts & Entertainment District and is an Executive Board Member of The Elkton Chamber & Alliance and also serves on the board of the Historical Society of Cecil County.

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  • Physical Art / Installation
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