Elkton Artist Registry

Michael Leppert

Website: https://www.mikesceramicart.com
Photo of Michael Leppert

Description of Offerings / Artist Statement

I admire clay’s resiliency and strength. The ability to withstand being stretched, beaten, and twisted; only then to survive extreme temperatures is incredible. I create work that reflects that which I’m enchanted with. I enjoy exploring the boundaries of the material as well as embracing the known comfort of it as a functional ware that one can enjoy through daily touch. When I’m creating things to be used or shared, I want my work to reflect the care and love I pour into it, resulting in something that you’ll want to hold and care for, like I do.

Michael Leppert holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the University of Delaware and a BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramics from Salisbury University. His artwork has been exhibited locally and internationally. He currently focuses on functional pottery, and the social aspects of artwork we handle and share day to day.


  • Physical Art / Installation
  • Physical Product
Artistic Disciplines / Areas of Concentration: