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Patti Paulus

Website: https://pattipaulus.com/index.html
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Description of Offerings / Artist Statement

Bio- Patti Paulus was born in Dayton, Ohio and graduated from the University of Dayton.  She lived and studied art in numerous cities until she finally settled in Maryland in 1987.  She currently resides in the Fair Hill region of Maryland.  She has been actively working as an artist since 1982.  Her primary art form is hand lettered artwork and over the last few years she has been also focusing some of her artistic time and development on drawing and bookmaking. Her work has been exhibited in Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina and Ohio, and is in numerous private collections across the world.  Hand-rendered lettering designs are on the walls of homes, schools and churches in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Patti has also taught and lectured on calligraphy in Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland.  Patti’s work is shown on a continual basis at ‘The Palette & The Page,’ a downtown Elkton Gallery she owns with one other woman that represents local artists and authors. She lives with her engineer and musician husband, Joe, and has two wonderful children and a lovely daughter-in-law.

Artist Statement – Constant calligraphic inquiry, studying drawing and painting, being a librarian for elementary school children, being a Mom and a wife, making books, writing Icons, owning a gallery, my family, my friendships, my spiritual path, nature and my experiences – all continue to shape my artistic life.  Currently, book making is receiving more scrutiny and practice in my studio, while being informed by all my other artistic endeavors.

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