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Regina Dell

Website: https://artbyginadell.weebly.com/
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Description of Offerings / Artist Statement

I have always loved art and painting growing up. In fact, I still have some paintings from when I was in grade school. I took some classes in college as well but am mostly self taught. I check out books from the library and work to learn new techniques all the time. While searching for new books I came across paint pouring and was hooked to this art almost immediately. I like to combine more abstract techniques with fine details as I think it makes the painting more interesting. What I like about painting most is the mental break from the rest of the world I get when painting. I really get into the work and forget about everything else. Then time stops. The next thing I know I am looking at a finished piece.

When I am not painting I enjoy spending time with my family wherever our adventures may take us.


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