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Robanne Palmer

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Description of Offerings / Artist Statement

Like a moth to the flame, Robanne has been attracted to the medium of glass and how it moves in a hot torch.  She began by creating her own glass beads that are designed into wearable art!  From there, she has experimented with upcycling colorful glass bottles, stained glass scraps and broken dishes to create a wide variety of fun jewelry.

In addition to jewelry, Robanne makes unique, hand pulled icicles that are most popular around the holidays.  Fused glass has been a recent addition to her offerings, including small dishes, night lights and sun catchers.

Inspired by the time on and in the water, Robanne finds the beauty and movement the glass to be as mesmerizing as the the oceans.  Reach Robanne at SirenSoulArt@gmail.com or 443-350-0261


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